Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulator

EMCC design rotary drum fertilizer granulator according to the needs of your unique process and material. agglomerators are an ideal solution for high capacity agglomeration operations, or when agglomeration needs to be combined with a chemical reaction, such as in the production of granular fertilizers.

-Optional Components                              -Spray Systems                                           -Various Liner Options

-Machined Bases                                       -Screw Conveyor Feeder                          -Automatic Gear Lubrication System

-Variable Speed-Variable Slope              -Variable Frequencey Drive (VFD)


Drum granulator offers a variety of benefits. Among them, agglomeration allows you to:

-Reduce Volume                              -Stabilize Mixtures During Handling                                -Eliminate/Reduce Dust Problems

-Control Hardness                           -Reduce Packing, Storage and Transport Costs            -Improve Product Performance

-Improve Handling


Drum granulator (also known as balling drums, agglomeration drums, rotary granulators, or rotary drums) are very versatile pieces of equipment that can process a wide variety of materials. Our heavy-duty rotary drums are the ideal piece of equipment for high-capacity applications. They are also frequently used when an agglomeration – chemical reaction process is required. Agglomerators are commonly used in the following ways:

Heap Leaching/Ore Beneficiation (Ore Drums) – For the agglomeration of ore fines such as gold, silver, nickel, and copper

Granulation – For the granulation of both organic and inorganic fertilizers

Coating – For creating premium products with superior performance and handling characteristics

Conditioning – For materials such as potash, phosphate rock, and more

Balling – For the agglomeration of iron ore fines in the steel-making process


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