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The self-propelled organic fertilizer compost turner is the main machine of the specialized complete equipment in the organic fertilizer production/plant. It adopts four-wheel drive design which only needs one person to drive and the operation is very easy. When the machine starts to work, it straddles the strip-type compost heap and the rotary cutter shafts under the rack stir and mix the material. The operation can be completed not only in the open area but also in the workshop and greenhouse. One of the machine’s technical breakthroughs is to integrate the crushing function at the later stage of the material fermentation. With the continuous dehydration of the material, the cutter shafts can effectively crush the caking formed during the fertilizer fermentation. Thus the production does not need to equip an additional crusher, the crushing efficiency is greatly improved and the cost is largely reduced. The self-propelled compost windrow turner solves the problem that the production capacity is limited by the crusher.


1. This fertilizer turner has a reasonable structure, good rigidity and balanced load. It has the advantages such as safe and reliable performance, easy operation, durable service, strong applicability to various work sites, simply maintenance and so on.
2. The compost mixer machine has low energy consumption, balanced power, large output and other advantages which greatly reduce the cost of the organic fertilizer production. The minimal machine can deal with fresh cattle manure 400 to 500 cubic meters. It only needs 4 to 5 workers in the plant so that the price advantage is obvious.
3. The advanced fermentation technology adopts microorganism aerobic fermentation which provides the zymophyte a good space for its function performing.
4. The mechanism of action and technological requirements which is more suitable for microbial fermentation can mix livestock manure, microbial preparation and straw evenly or properly. It provides a good aerobic environment for material fermentation.
5. The compost mixer turner has a competitive price and low investment threshold, so it easily meets the public will and attracts more people to purchase and use.

Working principle

The self-propelled Compost turner are four-wheel tractor walking style. It can move forward,backward and turn freely and all these moves are manipulated by one person. The bio-organic materials should be piled first on the ground or in workshops in a strip shape.Compost turner works by bestriding above the strip compost piled in advance; rotating knives installed on a strong rotary drum under the tractor rack are the exact tools to blend,loosen or move piled compost.After turning, a new strip compost pile is formed and wait to continue fermentation. There is compost thermometer to measure compost temperature so as to a second time turning.

Technical Parameters

 Model Capacity (m3/h) Pile width (mm) Pile Hight (mm) Pile distance (mm) Power (Hp) Driving mode
SCT-2300 400-500 2000 500-800 500-1000 33 3 Forward,1 backward
SCT-2600 500-700 2300 600-1000 500-800 58 3 Forward,1 backward
SCT-3000 1000-1500 3200 1300-1600 800-1000 150 Crawler walking

Self-propelled Compost Turner 8 Self-propelled Compost Turner 7 Self-propelled Compost Turner 6 Self-propelled Compost Turner 5 Self-propelled Compost Turner 4 Self-propelled Compost Turner 3 Self-propelled Compost Turner 2 Self-propelled Compost Turner 1

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