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The disc mixer is mainly applied to the compound fertilizer plant. By using the optimum quality material and leading technology, this fertilizer mixing machine complies with industry standards and international specifications. It is popular with our customers due to its high efficiency, competitive price, easy operation and low maintenance cost. In the compound fertilizers production line, it is placed before the fertilizer granulator to uniformly mix the raw materials before the granulation.


1. Robust structure. It is made of steel, resistant to abrasion, wear resistance, durable.

2. Design and rational configuration. PVC padded plate to avoid sticking the inner lining.

3. Cycloidal reducer, high speed and efficiency, energy saving.

4. Mixing and crushing material, easy to operate and unload materials.

5. Can work independently or match with the fertilizer plant.

Principle of Work

The entire mixing process is driven by the main shaft after starting the engine. There are several stirring blades welded on the main shaft and small shovels are placed on each stirring blade. Feed the fertilizers in the cylinder. It is the shovels and the agitation blades that play an important role in the homogeneous mixture of materials. Then open the discharge door to place the average mixed fertilizer. As the material is not very wet, it almost does not stick to the shovels or stirring blades, so it is not necessary to clean the machine.

Technical Parameter

 Model Dimension


Disc Depth


Disc Diameter (mm) Power


Mixing Speed




PJ-1600 1600x1600x1800 400 1600 7.5 16 2-4
PJ-1800 1800x1800x1800 400 1800 7.5 16 3-5
PJ-2000 2000x2000x1800 400 2000 7.5 16 4-6
PJ-2200 2200x2200x1850 400 2200 7.5 16 6-8
PJ-3000 3000x3000x2000 400 3000 15 16 8-12


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