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The hydraulic compost turner is the professional machine for horse manure compost and other organic materials fermentation. It adopts advanced hydraulic operating system, pull rod power steering operation and crawler-type running mechanism. Such structure makes sure it offers strong power and easy operation for the compost turning of materials. This compost turner can efficiently mix and stir the organic materials and meanwhile it can crush the caking of the materials so as to provide a good place for the zymophyte’s development and make the organic materials obtain a better fermentation. So it is the indispensable compost system for the harmless treatment of the livestock manure compost and organic fertilizer production.

1.Economical and multifunctional. A compost turner can be used to process different bio-organic fertilizers from wide ranges of materials such as viscous materials,loose materials and wrapping materials,etc.
2.Balanced structure and stable performance,low energy consumption, customized turning capacity.
3.Affordable price for both fertilizer production plants and farms.
4.Turning various waste into bio-organic fertilizer, makes great contribution to environment protection.
5.Freely add or remove auxiliary devices like liquid microbial agent spreading device,conditioner and so on.

Working principle

The hydraulic compost turner adopts crawler-type running mechanism. When the machine is working, it straddles above the strip-type material heap and the auger and stirring piece under the rack start to mix and stir the material. After the machine passes the heap and completes the turning and shifting, a new heap is formed. The operation of the hydraulic compost turner can be carried out not only at open area outdoor, but also in the workshop and greenhouse.
Its drive part adopts a special gearbox to ensure reliable quality, less breakdown and easy maintenance. The drive of the components and parts uses universal joint to ensure its durability. The roller axle adopts double chain pulley and dou ble chain drive to ensure a long service life.
The hydraulic compost turner adopts pull rod steering wheel so as to save the operation time and space. In order to adjust the distance between the stirring piece and the ground easily, the auger adopts hydraulic automatic rising-lowering. The distributor of this fertilizer turner machine also adopts hydraulic automatic rising-lowering to ensure easy operation and high production efficiency.

Technical Parameters

     Model    Capacity    (m3/h) Turning height


Pile distance


Max. composting

material diameter


 Power (Hp) Working speed


Turning width


CT-2300 500-700 600-1000 800-1000 250 75 6-10 2300
CT-2600 1000-1200 1100-1300 800-1000 250 116 6-10 2600
CT-3000 1300-1500 1300-1500 800-1000 250 136 6-10 3000
HCT-3000 1500-1800 1600-1800 100-1000 250 143 6-10 3000

Hydraulic Compost Turner 5 Hydraulic Compost Turner 4 Hydraulic Compost Turner 3 Hydraulic Compost Turner 2

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